Brief Explanation about SafeHuman Project

What is SafeHuman Project ?

We set out the slogan that “Get Safe Human for a Better Tomorrow.” as a SafeHuman team We are really glad and pleased to be launching our first multi-faceted social aid crypto movement on this route.

Why are we different from other social aid crypto project?

Our difference is being versatile, being able to help and reach people globally. Many people believe that cryptocurrency will become a exchange tool in the future between people, as a member of the cryptocurrency community, we believe that the Safehuman project will become the primary factor for humanitarian relief in the future.

How it is work ?

SafeHuman was created as a local currency of the safe ecosystem; How does the safe ecosystem function? The secure ecosystem is one that encourages buyers and sellers that work in a safe and stable manner. That is, when consumers buy or sell, they are automatically donating to charity. Aim of safe ecosystem is to make Safehuman token common use for social crypto aid projects in the future. To bring together all social aid crypto projects in order to reach out to more people and helping to them.

Safe Ecosystem

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000

Presale: 35% of total supply

Liquidity: 21% of total supply

Burn: 44% of total supply

For growing and helping more people we designed automatic reward system like below :

1% of every transaction goes to Burn Address

2% of every transaction recycling to liquidity

1% of every transaction goes to Holders = HODL

3% of every transaction goes to Charity

1% of every transaction goes to community expenses

Community Request (HOLD=HODL)

We ask everyone who contributes to the development of this project and community. If you have bought a large amount of tokens, we ask you not to sell them all, just take your profit and keep the remaining amount. by this way, you can help people in need from all over the world and reward yourself.

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Helping people and feel safe :)